Chris Chickering's 5th studio release, "REGENERATION" (Nov, 2015) features 12 new, original songs. ABOUT: We all have times we feel lost and can't see the path before us. Chris Chickering is a singer-songwriter/producer whose songs shine a light on that path through messages of hope, healing and empowerment. Since 2012 he has recorded six studio albums: Shine (2012), Living in the Now (2013), The Resurrection of Me (2014), The Better Side (2015), Regeneration (2015), and The Hero's Journey (fall, 2017). Fueled by a desire to empower himself and others, Chris has always found music to be a refuge for guidance and inspiration, especially during his most challenging times. Growing up in San Francisco, Chris was influenced by artists like Cat Stevens, Neil Young, Train and The Rolling Stones, and moved by the humanitarian efforts of singer-songwriter Harry Chapin, to create his own unique message-driven music. LEARN MORE: **** PERSONAL STATEMENT: Music is my oldest friend, the one I could always count on to soothe my spirit and deliver guidance, especially during the hard times. As a kid, I remember listening intently to the lyrics of great singer-songwriters like Cat Stevens, Neil Young, Jim Croce and Harry Chapin, and to bands like The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Doors and The Beatles, feeling peace and calm. As a young man, trying to find my way in the world, I gravitated toward personal-growth books, programs and seminars to help answer the question,"Why am I here?" LEARN MORE: **** - ARTIST SITE: - INSTAGRAM: - SPOTIFY: - FACEBOOK: - iTUNES: - AMAZON: - PANDORA: - SOUNDCLOUD: - CDBABY: BIO CONTINUED: Great music starts with great songs. In the fall of 2012 Chris Chickering and three time Emmy-winning, Grammy-nominated songwriter Greg Barnhill ("Walkawa

Song Play Length
A Little More Heaven Falls Down
Rock - Alternative
Plays: 18
A Prayer for Who We Really Are
Rap - Alternative
Plays: 20
Love Is All
Rock - Alternative
Plays: 10
Be The Change
Rock - Alternative
Plays: 4
Already Alright
Rock - Alternative
Plays: 5
Regeneration (Shambala)
Rock - Psychedelic
Plays: 4
Nothing Less Than This
Country - Americana
Plays: 7
How Deep I Can Love
Rock - Easy Listening
Plays: 6
It All Gets Better
Rock - Alternative
Plays: 5
Fear and Faith
Rock - Alternative
Plays: 7
Forgive Me (The River)
Rock - Alternative
Plays: 15
The Essence of Life
Rock - General
Plays: 11
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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