CarolB's sexy delivery is diverse, unlike any artist out there now, and in a world of copycat's that is very refreshing. Her vocals can be light, hard hitting, or touch your heart and soul. She hits hard on many of her urban dance tracks, and still delivers a sexy ballad with feeling and emotion. Her lyrics are topical, and sometimes poke fun at people and even the music industry as in her song "(Everybody wants a) Little Piece of Me" in which she delivers an opening "agents, A&R's, lookin' everywhere just for stars, chasing skirts, try to sign, call me up all the time", she is not afraid to blend in a little controversy along the way, and who could fault the way it comes across with her sexy delivery. In the haunting love ballad "Whatever Happened To Us" you can feel the pain she expresses about a love affair that is coming apart, and in her song "Boyz wan2 Score" she deals out advice to young girls about what they can expect from the boys because "Boyz wan2 Score". And a song that could be called her signature song "I'?m just Me" is about individuality and being unique, CarolB is all of that. And there is many more wonderful songs in her album as you will discover. "Spontaneous" is upbeat, fun, and full of life, and don't expect a couple top cuts and the rest of the songs thrown in as fillers, this album is full of potential hits. "Spontaneous" has 15 songs total, and comes with a warning: "ALL OF THESE SONGS WILL GROW ON YOU THE MORE YOU LISTEN TO THEM"

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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