Slather features an intriguing mix of musical styles including Rock, Latin/Cuban, Blues, Classical and Acoustic. While most albums focus on one style, Bill dares to try something different...write songs that sound good, no matter what style they represent. From an recent interview with Bill, "I'm not concerned with trends, I want to present an album with substance, integrity and honesty." Slather features bassist Stu Hamm who most recently played with Joe Satriani, drummer Gigi Gonaway who, for the last 13 years, has played with Mariah Carey and drummer Mike Mangini of Extreme and Steve Vai. Slather is a ten-track recording that creates a unique sound by blending solid songwriting with superb guitarmanship creating textures with rock roots of driving rhythms, catchy grooves and memorable choruses. Slather harkens back to the days when music was recorded by musicians, not computers. In no way were computers used in the recording of this album. There are no edits or cut and paste sections. All guitar parts were recorded in complete takes, meaning there are no punch-ins to provide quick fixes. This album was recorded as close to live as is possible in a studio environment. If you're looking for music which features integrity, passion, diversity and is, above all else, honest, then you've got to check out Slather

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Clean Clean

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