Stand Out

857, the rap group dead set on changing the game as we know by setting the standard for innovative hip-hop, hits us over the head with their new album, Stand Out. The album features 19 tracks total (which includes 16 songs and 3 hilarious skits (not to mention a special surprise for fans if they listen pass the last track), showcasing their witty lyricism, ingenious wordplay, and over-the top production. With a little help from some of their friends who lend guest appearances on Stand Out [Nicole Iannarone (singer), Impulse Society (rock group), and Big Chocolate (rapper)], 857 manages to deliver a wide variety of songs making it tough for hip-hop fans and even non-casual hip-hop listeners to deny the quality of their diversity. With powerful, high energy tracks like “Eruption”; hilarious songs like “Bar Face” (which describes what happens when you mix alcohol with a not-so-pretty face), and relaxed tracks you can vibe to such as “Chillin”, it’s really hard to imagine why 857 could have any problem trying to ‘stand out’.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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