Lethal Love Addiction (Batteries Not Included)

Best known for her stint on ABC's Wife Swap and her 'Joan Jett style approach' to song writing, front woman Tish Meeks and the group deliver yet another straight shot of their "Texas Party Punk meets Pop" brand of high energy music. Coming off the successful 2009 "American Breakdown" tour, the band suffered many unforeseen internal struggles that ultimately led to the departure of both the guitarist and bassist. Faced with these new challenges, Tish & long time drummer Andrew Wood forged ahead and started writing new material for the next album. This combination of events helped fuse together a thought provoking, well written, emotionally charged dose of rock music. "Lethal Love Addiction" (Batteries not included) offers us a full helping of rocking anthems, attitude, and a middle finger on behalf of all of those who have been screwed by life, love and heartbreak.

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