Soothing, relaxing piano music. Good for meditation, background, and child calming.

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The Soul Whisperer –Mike Anderson, has a dream: to soothe his soul and yours.  The State took him into care at age three because of mother’s neglect..  A family adopted him, and moved to another city.  It was during Mike’s childhood that he was diagnosed, firstly with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and then Bi-Polar disorder (Manic-Depression).

This period was not an easy one
for Mike.  Mike learned, at age 8
that he could create music that had a
soothing quality which made this period of uncertainty easier to live through. Music has been Mike’s most comforting friend throughout his life.   Mike has used his music to soothe his soul successfully, and would now like to offer you the chance to discover
the music’s beneficial effects.

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