At the Remixx House, we offer a variety of music. Whether we are creating/recording tracks or just selling unique sounds we are here for all of your music needs. We also have a diverse staff ready to Remixx the Hottest hits for any Club scene. Our website is updated daily to bring you the latest changes or smoking new releases regarding Songs, Videos or Events! Contact us to see how we can help you shop your demo to major labels. Also, If you are a beginning artist and need assistance creating your demo we can get your music up to industry standards! Contact the Remixx House so we can start making your dreams come true! Check out our Photo Gallery and Events Schedule. Bringing the Remixx House to a city near you. Sorry for the inconvenience, our website is still under construction.
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Remixx House

The Remixx House is a compilation of Artists, Engineers and dedicated music professionals. We have been working behind the scene for many years before we decided to create a company reflecting our efforts. We specialize in creating, producing and engineering music for every genre of today. We have Mixx Wizard bangin out hot tracks, and remixxing your songs for today's style of music. (Hip hop, R&B, Reggae, Club, Techno, etc.) He also travels the globe as a professional DJ. Carla adds to the Remixx House team by promoting/scouting new artists and staying on top of all music trends. She handles each artist professionally and ensures that your music becomes our business! Musicman(aka)Bishop plays almost all of our live instruments. Then we have our favorite producers who aid in making ANY track hotter.

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