Because of economic issues, we have had to scale this site back a bit. I am not sure when the changes will actually take place. At the same time Praying Twice has created a site on myspace. The myspace site is under construction Please pardon our dust.

Song for the day: Why Don't You Pray?

The music of Praying Twice is best appreciated during a worship service or during the holy sacrifice of the mass. It is also intended to provide a peaceful, prayerful setting during one's time in prayer and meditation.

These are a collection of our prayers, sung from the heart. Our lives are a reflection of what we pray through song. Our hope is that these prayers will meet you where you're at and bring you peace and light. The music is pure and innocent. St. Augustine once said, "that a song sung, is a prayer prayed twice."

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I hated to do it but because of economic issues, we have had to scale this site back a bit. I am not sure when the changes will actually take place.

At the same time Praying Twice has created a site on myspace. The myspace site is under construction.

Please pardon our dust.

Bicycling - Washington to Minne

Bicycling from Anacortes, Washington to Stillwater, Minnesota

Day 4 - Tacoma Divide
Our primary target for today was Colville. Our secondary target was the Tacoma Divide - at least that's the name of the road. We had a pretty good day and finished close to the Tacoma Divide. We didn't started riding until about 7:30 because we had to drive 25 miles from Tonasket to Wauconda, the point where I left off yesterday. We started the day with a climb of 500 feet to the top of the Wauconda Pass. We then descended 2000 feet into Republic, WA, and started up the Sherman Pass, a 3200 foot climb. The descent down from the top of Sherman Pass was very steep. The total drop was 4000 feet. At the bottom is a little town called Kettle Falls. We arrived in Colville at about 2:30, took a break, drank fluids and decided to strike out for our secondary target, the Tacoma Divide. It was slow going at first, the heat has been oppressive. Eventually, we got into our rhythm. Betty talked me into riding an additional seven miles to our campground. That way, I can ride out of the campground and be right on the trail. We rode 99 miles for the day and 363 for the trip.

We started with temps in the high 60 degrees. Once again, it was in the high 90's by mid afternoon. There are rumors that it is going to rain tonight and/or tomorrow. We'll see.

Distance to Stillwater: 2069
Total Ridden: 363
Miles to Go: 1706
States: 1
Dogs: 0
Flats: 0

Tomorrow's riding is pretty much flat. We will be riding at about 2000 feet. There are a few bumps along the way but nothing like what we have been doing.

We should say good bye to Washington around noon and be in Idaho. Some of the towns that we will ride through in Idaho are, Oldtown, Algoma, Sagle and Sandpoint

Dan Haraburda

Dan Haraburda was born and raised in Western Michigan. He attended Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan receiving a BS in Electrical Engineering. He was employed by a major conveyor systems supplier. Because of his job he has traveled extensively throughout the US.

He is presently taking time off work to pursue personal goals and to be with his wife Betty and their family. They love to travel and have been to Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and other places that are on their list of "must sees". They enjoy long distance bicycle rides and have a goal of riding around the US. They have completed four legs of this five leg, 11000 mile journey, riding from San Diego to St Augustine, Florida in 2006, Bar Harbor to St Augustine in 2007. St Paul to Bar Harbor in 2008 and Seattle to St Paul in 2009. They have plans to ride the remaining 1800 miles from Seattle to San Diego in September of 2009. Betty drives the van and does all the work. Dan just rides the bike. Some day they hope to ride the length of New Zealand.

When Dan was young, a neighborhood family gave him an old guitar. Pretty soon he was playing in one of the many reincarnations of their garage band. The family moved away but the gift of the guitar and the love music stayed with Dan. Dan has always had a love of folk music with finger picking guitar work and close harmonies. He was strongly influenced by The Everly Brothers, Peter Paul and Mary, Simon and Garfunkle, Crosby Stills and Nash and others.

Dan was born and raised in the Roman Catholic faith. While he had a brief period in his youth when he did not attend mass, he says "the importance of God and prayer was always with me". My faith is always with me. It governs my actions. I have felt for some time now that you should live your life as a prayer with every action and thought offered up to God as a prayer".

A few years ago Dan's love of music took a new direction. Throughout his life he's had music constantly floating around in his head. Most of the time these are original melodies. It seems like the more tired or stressed he becomes the more music he hears. He says; "Maybe it's my way of coping with stress. I can't always turn it off and it can be tough when you really need to concentrate on something. What is really cool is that occasionally, I'll have a dream during which I have an original song complete with instrumentation sung by someone famous". He remembers one dream in particular during which he is in the car listening to the radio when "George Harrison comes on singing a song with my lyrics, my melody and my arrangement. I have had other famous people make guest appearances in my dreams to sing my originals. Unfortunately, when I wake up the songs are gone. I have lost a lot of good songs because I can't get to a recorder".

So Dan mentioned all this to Kelly and suggested that they set some of her writings to music. She gave him the lyrics for five songs which he quickly set to music. Among these were the lyrics for Pure and Holy, Come to Me, Come to the Well and We Are All One in Christ. Three of these are on their first CD, Sacred Heart. Together they have collaborated to write about 75 songs. "It's really satisfying to set the lyrics on the desk, look at them and then come up with a melody that is good and fits the mood of the lyrics. Sometimes it comes quickly, sometimes it takes a while and sometimes it never comes. It seems like the best ones come instantly. Kind of a love at first sight thing".

Dan says, "I needed her lyrics to bring my melodies to life. I have written lyrics for a few of my melodies but it doesn't come easy. To begin with, I am not much of a conversationalist. I am usually lost for something to say after Hi. I am thankful that we were able to team up and combine our talents to come up with this music. I am also very thankful that it is in the genre that it is in. Praising God with your own music, what more could you ask for.

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