For some, New York’s South Bronx is equated with depression, hopelessness, and poverty. And while others have succumbed to these factors, one has utilized them to paint a picture of a tough but inspiring world of struggle, success, death, and commitment. His name, Lex Butter.
Rich with vivid imagery, addictive flow, and lyrical finesse, his music is a stunning example of Lex Butter’s diverse artistic range and creative growth. A pure perfectionist, his goal is to be one of the biggest gifts this culture has ever received, carving out a lyrical, musical, magical place for himself in his craft, with both solo projects and his own record label long term. And while he continues on his journey, one can’t help but realize, Lex Butter has just begun.

LEXCORP enterprises

Welcome to a New Day. An inevitable time in MUSIC when Inspiration and true meaning hit as far as any piss-ridden staircase with a breath of fresh air.

LEXCORP enterprises is dedicated to bringing you quality worthwhile MUSIC. Not just forgotten in the hustle of every day, but Music worthy for the Soundtrack of YOUR LIFE.

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