Singer songwriter Gary Matthews
writing to the known world
the voice in the wilderness
of lost love, fortunes to find
them time to regress. Sela

Who is Gary Matthews.?

Who is Gary Matthews.?
Singer-songwriter and a pioneer
in creating music out of words in poetry
now stands in the middle of destiny
for a generation of listeners who has
heard his words lyrics and voice in song

How you know him?
Gary Matthews is featured on 79 digital stations
you have seen him on
you have heard his now famous album," THE HEALER"

and HIS affiliation with poetess
Linda Henry, though five years into his career
he has wrote some of the great country and gospel songs of the Century.
As well as many other categories country/pop
/contemporary Christian/Gospel
Gary Matthews albums are available on
his credentials cover a vast arena of talents and gifts
in the areas of songwriting and entertainment.
His work in the music field and studio productions
is second to none.
His many songs of passion and emotion stand out as a
backdrop for the feeling he puts in the music from the heart.
Such as,'' In My Heart I Hold You'' just released on his new album
''Now and Forever'' at he is a voice crying in the wilderness
standing on the edge of time, in the expectoration of greater things.
this comes From legions of fans who have tasted the magnificent earthly sound
of music . Music for the soul, after touch of perfection
comes with that voice. Sela

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