From here to Olympus isn’t just a name, it’s a representation of everything that I want my life and music to encompass. From the every day job that keeps me crawling through life to the dreams and drama that make me run till I burst. Everything I say is what I feel, from the stab of ‘The Worst Kind of Betrayal’ to the need of ‘One Last Night Together,’ my heart is written all over the strings of my guitar.
I hope that anyone who runs across these songs will take the time to not only listen to the words but try an understand them and the blood, sweat, and tears I put into making them. It’s been a long hard road since I began the journey that led to their creation, I can only hope that someday they will mean as much to you as they do to me. My thanks go out to anyone who’s listening.


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I'd say if you took all of the bands I listed under my influences and mixed them together to see what you'd end up with. You might have something similar. Though I can't say I sound exactly like any of them.


Thursday, Dashboard Confessional, NOFX, Pink Floyd, Taking Back Sunday, Sublime, Radio Head, The Used, The Get Up Kids, Saves The Day, Sparta, and Hot Water Music to name a ton but there's way more th


From Here To Olympus started out as nothing but a way to keep myself from going crazy during my stay in the Navy. I'd been singing in bands for close to ten years with nothing more than very minor success with a band called Next To Last.
Unfortunately what I achieved came to late as I was already homeless, without a car, and had almost nothing to my name.
At this low pinnacle in my life it seemed the only thing I could do to save myself was to join the real world as I saw it (The Navy). The only problem was that as soon as I did I couldn't forget my love for writing and decidded to teach myself how to play the guitar and start writing my own music again.
After three yeras of perfecting a mix of slow acoustic melody, fast rythms, powerful screams, and softly rythmic verses I think it's time I showed the world what I have to offer.
From Here To Olympus encompasses everything that is life. From the pain of "The Worst Kind of Betrayal" to the love in "Last Night Together" my blood, sweat, and tears are written all over my guitar. Thanks to anyone who's listening.


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