Hello, I am a 42 yr old songwriter,from Texas,temporarily living in Va.I,ve been supporting my family in the construction and remodeling buisness for what seems like forever.I dream of the day I can support them with residual checks from songwriting as I'm sure alot of you are.
I dont have alot of neat toys,Magix audio studio on an old pc that freezes continually.A Behringer 12 channel mixer,A small Gx-15 Crate amp with Zoom 505 Guitar effects.A cheap fender strat,An old Ibanez classic acoustic guitar
and a Realistic keyboard.I have 2 effects,one a 1201 Zoom Studio digital reverb and multi effects,and an Art FX-1 reverb-effects unit,all ran through an old stereo system.I dont begin to think I can keep up with you guys as far as quality goes but I,m gonna give it a shot.I am open to any and all opinions,criteques and suggestions and hope I make some friends here.Well anyway enough of me,Lets jam............Danny Horton

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Hello, Just letting you know I,ve got more songs on Myspace.And evenmore on Soundclick.com Under DEADWATER MONK.
Stop by and give a listen if you get a chance
P E A C E.......Danny


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