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Cheryl Ashton
4112 New Hwy. 96 West
Franklin, TN 37064

I was born in California and moved to Nashville in April 2005. I was a manager (volunteer position) for West Coast Songwriters for 3 years. I also worked for a film and television publisher.

I have been writing for over 10 years and have 5 single song contracts. In February, I won the Nashville to Belfast Love Song Contest and won a trip to Ireland to perform my song at the Belfast Music Festival. In March 2006, my song won the ?Single Song Showdown? at NSAI Symposium.

I currently have one song on hold at Adobe Road Records and several more songs at 3 major labels in Nashville.

Previous Employment:

11-2004/4-2005 Employed by Good Night Kiss Music as a consultant to Janet Fisher. I answered e-mails, screened songs for current listings in film and TV placement and cataloged contracts and song information. I left this position to move to the Nashville area.

4-2002/4-2005 Manager for West Coast Songwriters. My job was to host various music publishers for song critique sessions.

6-1981/2-2001 Worked with film and music video personnel to find locations and file legal paperwork to schedule filming on state beaches in Malibu. I also worked as a location monitor during filming for music videos.

BA Degree in Recreation-Chico State University 1979


Scott Haugen, Pitchfork Music Group 615-430-8193
Rivers Rutherford 615-376-2171
Ian Crombie, Executive Director, West Coast Songwriters 650-654-3966
Janet Fisher, Good Night Kiss Music 831-479-9993

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