Aria Kamikaze is crafting its ever-evolving, edgy sound by living on the musical edge. We don't want to be confined to a cookie-cutter existence. Enough with genres. Enough with coloring within the lines. It's about being free. Joce described the band's genre-bending songs as a melting pot of beats. The four members incorporate sweet pop vocals, heavy metal riffs, bossa nova, electronica, jazz and grunge. Joce said several styles often ebb and flow in a single number.The group met through the local club scene and has been working together since the summer to create a collection of original, record and book shows and tour nation wide.
Joce supplies lead vocals and guitar alongside bassist John Maimone and drummer Mike Keller and Guitarist Celow . They all reside in Miami. All four also take turns during concerts playing a keyboard on wheels, and adding screaming and harmonic vocals. Aria Kamikaze a sonic boom of musical sounds that will take your body over:)

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Headed into the studio to record new music!!!!yeah:)
life is good!

Aria Kamikaze

Aria Kamikaze is an experiment of two unparalleled worlds: Heavy Rock and Psychedelic Pop. From the depleted state of inertia our music scene finds itself in, a powerful foursome has emerged - consisting of some the best talents to come out of the Miami Local Music Scene. These veterans are no strangers to the music business and understand that live performances and entertainment are integral parts of the "AK Experience."
So what do you get when you cross members of experimental/hard-core band, STOMA with the sweet cotton-candy pop vocals of AL'S NOT WELL'S, Joce? It sounds like LOVE just got punched in the face!

"AK" unleashes a relentless attack on mainstream radio and challenges the status-quo of the "Heavy-Rock" genre. We are here to wrong the correct, and re-introduce the world to a different angle of the same reality.

So now you can enjoy music again!

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