Born in Rome, Alex Giordani is a talented songwriter, a gifted singer and musician, He likes to define his music as "Pop-Rock with an Orchestral touch" influenced by a wide range of artists, from The Beatles to U2, from The Muse to Coldplay.
?There are many ways to tell a story? and Alex does it through his songs where he captures feelings, details and moments of real life that we all can relate to.
With his extensive on-stage experience, Alex has built a solid following due to his great voice and passionate live performances. This growing success has encouraged him to record professionally his home-produced songs. He has released his debut album "Essence" now available in stores. Check it at
The compelling sound, the lyric imagery and the emotional vocals of Essence have been receiving an enthusiastic feedback from Alex growing fan base.
In 2007 he released his second Album "One Road" and in 2010 his third album "Escape of Cosmonauts"

Many ways to tell a story

Thank you to all the people who like my songs.
If my music had somehow succeeded in invoking your emotions, then my aim would have been achieved!
If you like my music or if you just love music, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

...I see dreams,
In the night, they're drifting far,
To flow over seas of stars and reach for the moon,
A silent kiss on the lips of Providence,
Faith is pure innocence when hope is gone soon..

...She knows it's real life,
Taken by surprise behind the tears of night.
It's hard to make a promise you can't tell..

...Everyday you look around,
your feet on the ground,
your arms in the sky...
You don’t want to be in the promised land
But in the world you make
With the dreams you chase ...

...You're there,
everything changes but you,
your life, your dreams, your limits,
nothing's to be wasted and lost away...

...You'll run after its trail of light,
a comet in the sky,
that seems to be upthere only for you...

...Sleepy days and nights,
I got to go,
and be one or thousand
walking in these shoes,
a lie disguised in a real and perfect world...

....I see those faces,
lost and pales,
glances in the empty space...
these are the victims of their fates...

......Your sweet awareness
Your little mole
Your graceful hands draw the moon
A glimpse and a detail
Are the diamonds you give
Emotions in a different day

...You don't know,
how to arrive on time,
emotions steal your nights a
nd make you almost cry,
you won't be tied to the strings of love...

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Steve April
over 30 days ago to Alex Giordani

hi alex,

happy new year. hope you're well.

listenin' to your song "My Dreams," what an outstanding song. a touch a greatness there, my humble view.

also, i note that "love over money," our collabro, aka "for your trust," in the BJ pop top 10, i think it is.

cheers, in music,
steve april

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