Tom Bocci

Tom Bocci

Title: Music Supervisor, Producer, and Publisher
Genres: Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Americana, Soundtracks
Status: No slots available
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Song limit per member: Unlimited
Bio: Throughout his thirty-five year career Tom Bocci has enjoyed working in all the major areas of the Music Business, beginning… read more

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Tom Bocci - Previous Reviews

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song: Join the Dance!
artist:Cindy Tuttle

genre: Latin - Salsa
stats: playlists: 1 | song plays: 267
song: Did Ya Know
artist:Cindy Tuttle

genre: Folk - Country
stats: playlists: 1 | song plays: 788
song: Someday
artist:Cindy Tuttle

genre: Jazz - Smooth Jazz
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 594
song: If I Had The Time Kmix7
artist:matt taylor

genre: Country - Americana
stats: playlists: 61 | song plays: 493
song: Like A Mountain
artist:matt taylor

genre: Folk - Americana
stats: playlists: 10 | song plays: 114
song: The Beauty Inside
artist:Andy Barlow

genre: Unique - General
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 14
song: I Can't Help It
artist:matt taylor

genre: Country - Americana
stats: playlists: 6 | song plays: 133
song: I Believe
artist:Jim Reeder

genre: Pop - Classic
stats: playlists: 13 | song plays: 89
song: Love Destiny
artist:Love Rain

genre: Pop - General
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 82
artist comments: It's great to be able to get a review and constructive feedback on our new song from an industry expert like Tom Bocci. Thanks Tom.
song: Dreadful News From a Recently Refurbished Garage
artist:Tony DiPofi

genre: Blues - Chicago
stats: playlists: 94 | song plays: 1309
artist comments: Hi Tom I am really pleased Broadjam placed this in your hands , I sincerely appreciate your thorough and detailed review . I'm so glad that my effort to present a unique way to blend a bluesy feel and story telling came through ..Your suggestions and expertise in the area of marketing are so very helpful . Thank you Tom and I look forward to sending more reviews your way . Tony DiPofi
song: The Butterfly Ballet in C# minor

genre: Classical - Contemporary
stats: playlists: 2 | song plays: 289
artist comments: Thanks Tom! I will remember your classical abilities to judge my pieces, for subsequent pro-reviews. Thierry
song: Everytime

genre: Pop - Easy Listening
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 76
song: You Never Know

genre: Folk - General
stats: playlists: 4 | song plays: 1166