Catchy songs that groove best describes my material. I work hard on bringing the song into it's full essence, then arrange it for a concise recording that conveys whatever it is telling me it is... After that, all bets are off. Each performance is a unique event; it's own moment in time and space. That's what makes performing so much fun. You never know what's going to happen. Each song has a chance for a complete rebirth. Every night, every crowd play the song as much as I do.

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I hear songs in my head. I figure them out, write them down, record them and send them off into the world. I knew music was my destiny at about nine years of age, growing up in and North of Pittsburgh, PA. Attending Penn State, I performed to packed bars in several party bands. Not content to be a copy cat, I started focusing on playing my own music. I've lived, written and performed in Philadelphia, PA, Washington DC and since 2000, in North Central New Jersey.

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My mama said there ain't nobody like me; acquaintances thank their lucky stars.


I think they show up in my writing and playing.


Short Version: I was born in a desert. I was raised in a lion's den. Mostly what I like -- playing my songs for you and all your friends.

Long Version: I was born, I live, I hear songs, I write them, then go play them for whoever will listen. I enjoying turning people on and giving them a catalyst to step out of the humdrum and just be for a bit. For me, it's a good thing.

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Clean Clean

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