Winston is a singer-songwriter and performer. He has recording four albums and is working on a fifth. His music centers around a pop-rock format, but tends to be very eclectic. His recordings include songs that could best be described as country-rock, blues, ragtime, reggae, and ska.

He began his musical career playing drums and singing, switched to piano, then added guitar. On his third album, "Hopeless Romanatic," he fulfilled a long-time desire by playing nearly all of the instruments and doing most of the backing vocals himself. On his current project, he is quite happily moving in the opposite direction, bringing in some of the top talent in the Kansas City area to contribute to the sessions.

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Bob Dylan, The Eagles, Tom Petty, Jackson Browne, Bruce Springsteen, Bobby Bland, Phil Spector.


Winston began his musical career singing and playing drums in Kansas City area rock bands. As his interest in songwriting began to develop, he switched to keyboards and then learned to "bang out a few chords" on guitar as well.

His first album, A Musical Tribute to the Last of the Great Toadstool Madonnas, was released only in the Kansas City area, but received airplay on KC area radio stations, got good reviews, and sold well.

The success of his initial recording effort led Apple to focus most of his time and energy on songwriting and recording. Several of the songs he wrote during this period were picked up by major publishers (Famous Music, Owepar, and Combine).

Apple's second album The First One's Free, was released nationally by Monument Recprds and received extensive air play, particularly Shoot 'Em Up, Cowboy, which spent nine weeks on Record World's singles chart. The disc received excellent reviews.

Winston's next CDs - "Hopeless Romanatic" and "Sessions" were released during the Summer of 2000. A compilation CD with three new songs included was released in 2003.

Winston is currently recording a new CD with the working title "A Mild, Mellow Case of the Blues." An August, 2004 release is anticipated.

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