After a long hiatus from performing in progressive rock bands as a teenager, I've returned to song writing and producing in my home studio. Since my earlier involvement with music I've worked in the visual communicationds field as a photographer, college professor, graphic designer and most recently a Web designer.

Back to the music: Every piece I've created has been done with a Roland GR-33 Guitar Synthesizer, Boss GT-3 effcts processor, Godin LGXT and Martin D-28 guitars. Drum samples are also used in some cases. No other session players or instruments are used. (All the previous technical info is intended for anyone who cares about such things). Certainly the bottom line is that the music has to sound great regardless of how it was made. But because I'm doing this as a one-man-band, I would ask that you consider the work to be demos of songs that could be great if performed by musicians more competent than myself and placed in the right market venue.
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