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Seal,Ephraim Lewis,Sting/Bjork,Craig David


I am so happy to have finally finished my album” says Will

“Its taken me over three years to complete and I am extremely excited about the results“ Will has every reason to be excited, His long awaited debut SANCTUARY arrives in February. Fused with elements of Drum and Bass, UK Garage, Pop, Trip Hop and R&B, the album takes you on a journey of intense emotions and picturesque landscapes of life through Will’s eyes. Will’s emotive and expressive voice is captured throughout the album as he establishes himself as gifted singer. His ability to elicit different moods and feelings from his listeners with universal experiences of love, doubt, anger, bliss, and spirituality prove he is a true master of the craft.

He knew what great music was even at the tender age of 5. Will would have his parents play the James Brown classic “Hot Pants” over and over again while dancing and singing around the room. From that moment on greatness ensued. At age 12 he started singing solos in his church choir. Later he would take a co-lead stance in a local cover band called Bananafish. Then, in 1997 Will took his passion further, becoming the solo front man for the synth-pop band Carol Masters. “Working with these bands was good for me because it helped my stage presence tremendously. I am very at ease being on stage in front of a large or small audience.” His zest for music didn’t stop there.

Inspired by a wide variety of fantastic artists like Seal, Olivia Newton-John, Ephraim Lewis, Sc

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