i am happy you are here...even though...your time would probably be spent better with The Who, Ice-T, Gordon Lightfoot, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Jim Croce, Viktor Frankl, N. Mandela, Macrobiotics, Ayurveda, Rumi, The Steve Miller Band, Public Enemy, Enya, Dennis Kucinich, The Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King Jr., The Wind River Mountains, John Prine, Hell's Canyon, The River of No Return, The Kamikaze Cowboy, George Ohsawa, Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha, Central Wyoming College, Patti Labelle, Celtic Consciousness, Leon Russell, Steve Jordan, The Organic Consumers Association, Sinead O Connor, Jesus Christ, U2, Arundhati Roy, Aretha Franklin, Gerry Spence, Michio Kushi, Jimmy Cliff, BTO, Ramakrishna, Phoebe Snow, N. Scott Momaday, Bruce Hornsby, Gandhi, The Plant Kingdom, All Real Tribes, Bob Seger, The Roaring Fork, Thich Nhat Hanh...and all Sound Worlds--teachers who shatter prisons.

Ben's Bio?

There isn't much of a bio on me. I was born in Pendleton, Oregon and grew up in the canyons and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. I was the first kid my parents had. They separated when I was in the 4th grade. The only other bio items are:

Estranged from the Beloved

we are all estranged from Our Beloved.
she wears many masks.
he is clothed in infinite varieties.
we can sense our Beloved, even feel Our Beloved
more and more

but even so, while we live, we're still estranged. we drive on, pushing for our goals...

Our Lover waits...for us to slow down, tune in. no home is as warm as singing with, feeling with, Being In The Peace with that Invisible Character creating every star and the Endless Space where they burn.

they are all right who say: close your eyes and look everywhere. just keep looking. sooner or later you will find Your Beloved.

you have just read a bunch of touchy-feely bullshit. ignore every word of it.

there is no God, or Allah or any other. there are no people either, and no paper plates or pots and pans.
there is no earth. there is not even nothing. Your Beloved within you would be the MOST non-existent of all, if non-existence could come in amounts.


The Songs

Every Song is a Lover. any old song by artists you loved when you were a kid. any song now that moves you closer to what you really are. and each of those Lovers is, in the end, The Same Lover.

some songs take you to the whirling, cloud-torn beauty of the mountains. some take you deep into the pacific blue. some make you drunk with a feeling of possibility, a magic emotion at once soothing, borderless and dramatic. it can make you want to let go of everything else. i hope "my" songs can do that. but if they can't, keep your spirit open to All Song People in the World. you'll find even more paradise than you have so far.

do I have a favorite artist? the one who drives us all to write and sing another pathway to the shimmering House of Making, beyond your town and Free of Time.

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