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No universal gravitations in that futuristic sound of WiccaX


When it was the year 1982 an unmundane- auditory and a science of sounds's pursuer life had begun; it was WiccaX' s life!
Substratums of his mental music are, profound psych frequencies, cognitive oscillations or psycho-active hearing and coherent gathering in computerized music.

WiccaX received the education of Audio Engineering & Electronic Music Production and immediately afterwards of graduating he became the production manager of CanWest Media Group_ was named Star Media Group before_ His productions took part in many musical affairs and artworks spesifically in spritual ones...

In his sound, the ancient values of mother nature and talisman and the futuristic axis are together as the symbol of psychomacy. Perhaps as an essential for the normal functioning of the central nervous system! Aurally and finally; “conceiving an unfathomed cognition in mind is his celestical musical opinion” can be said...

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