Bryan "Frixy" Simons, the frontman of the up and coming rap/rockpowerhouse White Trash Cowboys, and Terry ("T-Bone") Martin, the band'sguitarist and Bryan's partner in musical crime, and they'll call their hometownthe way they still see it: a bastion of trailer park hicks and stereotypicalrednecks. Poking cheerfully at their roots--yet complementing the humor with a pickup truckfull of edgy punches at corporate America--is just part of the fun the WhiteTrash Cowboys ( have on their explosive, in your faceself-titled debut, which blends their bombastic rock plus rap vibe into aquickly detonating Molotov cocktail of Aerosmith meets Kid Rock attitude.Underscored with that added redneck, Southern American perspective, of course.

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The WTC's are currently working on their 2nd album and preparing for some selective shows!!
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