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Dé la bienvenida a todos mis amigos y ventiladores de Iberoamérica and my friends and fans from Asia to America :-) At a early age Weslochan started creating beats/mix tapes while listening to mix tape shows and letting the tape deck pop. Then the mix tapes blossomed into break beat tape mixes and hi/low sound changing of beats. Once Weslochan mom got him his first CASIO keyboard, then the custom beat mixing started. Now in days, Weslochan is creating electro/trance/deep house/ jungle beats you hear today. In 2007 Weslochan started to create loops/tracks and electronic beats by computer. Later in 2007, thanks to Weslochan first co-host Tunn3r from A Weslochan Show Live talk show/podcast, Weslochan got the feel back for creating tracks. Now, armed with his non standard digital equipment, loops, and mini-studio software Weslochan has the power to make you move and Weslochan released "Digital GoGo" in 2007. Weslochan is not your traditional DJ, Weslochan creates original loops and tracks from scratch all by computer(Similar to the early days of KRAFT WERK, etc..........) and now has began to do Dj mixes/remixing. Weslochan digital album "Digital Go Go" is currently on sale at ITUNES and first country of release was JAPAN, then ESNIPS and "Digital Go Go" has received good reviews at Music Nation and Myspace crowd.among the My Space crowd. "Digital Go Go" first full album cd preview was at D1 Grand Prix Finals 2007 at Irwindale Speedway in HANKOOK TIRES Twin Turbo Porsche pit area(footage can be seen at Now Weslochan is recording live mix shows to remixing, getting his feet wet in the world of international mixing/Dj........

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