“tasteful, solid”…”Thanks for the good music.”…”a lot of personality in your music and some real talent as a songwriter.”
BRUCE IGLAUER/ Alligator Records

“I love the Blues, that’s all I play, that’s all I listen to, and you guys play real Blues. I loved it. Thank you” ...JOHN PRIMER.

“With a voice that recalls Magic Dick of the J. Geils Band or Rick Estrin of Little Charlie & the Nightcats,Malone presides over an instrumental mix which includes his stinging guitar as well as a keyboard and organ adding heat to the solid rhythm section”...MARK SMITH/ WMBS

Everyhting's Good review

CD review from Grand Rapids Press and various Blues newsletters WEEZIL MALONE
Weezwords Records, 2003
Those that follow the blues scene know that the field is crowed with musicians who are long on talent but short on originality and inspiration. This is particularly true of regional artists who can keep the dance floor filled all night with cover tunes but clear the room when they try to add one of their own tunes to the mix. Likewise their discs seldom rise above the "nice try" category due to the inclusion of well worn chestnuts and recycled riffs. On this, his third disc, Larry "Weezil Malone" Fitz once again separates himself from the pack by focusing entirely on a diverse collection of quality original material. Backed by the nimble keyboard work of Mike Rizzo and the steady groove laid down by Gordy Howe on Bass and Tom Davis on drums, Fitz explores roots rock that would fit comfortably on a Sun Records collection, Two In The Morning, straight Delta Blues that find their way into Chicago, I Wish That You Would Love Me, chugging Texas guitar blues on the instrumental number, For Freddie, 70's style blues rock ballads, Addiction, Memphis soul blues, Nothing But Despair, rock and roll, Wild and Free and even a Grateful Dead style mid- tempo rocker, One Hundred More Miles. Lyrically, Fitz and Rizzo take on everything from mates who talk waaaaay too much, Yappin' Like That, to making it through a jail stint by thinking of the beauty awaiting his release, 30 Days. While this disc recently won the WYCE Jammie Award for best local blues disc it is broader than that and should appeal to not only blues fans but to those who enjoy a rollicking rock number or two in their diet.
Mark Smith

Review, Everything's Good

Weezil Malone and the King Sized Blues Band have compiled a CD that, to date, has revealed a most telling tale of the scope and extent of their imaginative capabilities. Larry Fitz (a.k.a. Weezil Malone) and Mike Rizzo have penned 14 handcrafted originals in this, their latest release, entitled “Everything’s Good”. Starting with the disc’s first cut, “Two in the Morning”, a get out of your chair and boogie jumper, that effectively employs some rather stylish rock hooks, you sense there is something special going on here. Malone’s haunting “Thirty Days”, harks back to primal recording effects found on long forgotten rockabilly LPs of the 50’s. The band’s instrumental “For Freddy” reveals a surprisingly strong boogie backbeat previously unheard from keyboardist Mike Rizzo. Mike contributed three compositions to this disc. Rizzo’s corpulent rhythms provide a fine framework from which these tunes derive a unique laidback sound. Producer Gordon Howe, the band’s bass player, has done a commendable job on the studio aspects of this release. Howe, a much sought after recording engineer in the West Michigan area, is gaining a reputation in Michigan as an up and coming producer. Drummer Tom Davis, a veteran of countless tours with the legendary Gatemouth Brown, contributes heavily to this recent release. From his opening licks on the first track “Two in the Morning”, to his finely tuned embellishments on the cut “Wild and Free”, one can understandably surmise why Davis is considered one of the premiere pocket drummers in the Mid-West.

Weezil Malone and the King Sized Blues Band have once again reinvented themselves, transforming into a musical unit that is taking the blues genre into a new configuration. By bending the basics of blues, R&B and rockabilly, along with tweaking the signatures of different shuffle tempos, beat mixtures, and instrumentation, they have, as others have, turned an old song into a new tune. Durable blues groups such as the King Sized Blues Band recreate the music but the genesis is still blues.

So right now why don’t you just pour yourself a tall cool one, prop those legs on the coffee table, and slip in this CD. Enjoy an original production of invention from a band called Weezil Malone and the King Sized Blues Band. “Everything Good”!

Felix Ybarra
Contributing Writer
Big City Rhythm and Blues Magazine
Detroit, MI

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