Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn-based rock band WEBSLiNGER's upcoming EP release, Dirty Underwear, was mixed by Steve Sisco (Linkin Park) and was mastered by the renowned George Marino. WEBSLiNGER has gained a rep not only for their marketable music with thought-provoking lyrics, but for throwing one of the hottest parties in town.

WEBSLiNGER's music shoots webs of energy full of heavy influences of punk, rock and Hip-Hop wound together and accentuated by excellent production and strong lyrics. The band features Toni Hendrix (vocals, keyboards); guitarist Geno Ginosar who toured in Israel and has done many recorded projects; and bassist Black Widow who opened for Pink this past summer with a band called CandyAss. Toni Hendrix's first gig in the industry was in 1994, producing the remix "Dirty Dawg" by the then multi-platinum group, New Kids On The Block (N.K.O.T.B.) with Greg Nice (of the hip-hop pioneer group Nice & Smooth). In that same year, he also produced the internationally renown
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