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I am currently working on two music videos. One will be for the song; "The one that slipped away".
The other will be 'Respect the woman' The second i will film and edit myself as i use to do this to supplement my income.
The next big deal is moving my beats to audiosparx so that people can preview and purchase only what they want. am also finishing up my album 'This party don't stop' and working on several small projects.


Producer of Hiphop, R&B, Techno, Reggae and Experimental music. performing on and off on the local and abroad scenes. First performed at the age of 14 at clubs and public gathering throughout the island of Jamaica. After touring in the military and taking time off from music. Wayne Dawkins is making an agressive come back working on two albums. One of which ( This Party Don't Stop ) is due for a major internet release in january 2009.

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