"Waves and Radiation have made a solid name off atmospheric and ambient indie rock, the kind places like Portland go gaga for. In this rare instance, for the sake of such an inspiring band, I wish Tacoma was just a little more like PDX. But just this once. And I can do without the mustaches and pretension. I'd just like to see Waves and Radiation get the credit they deserve. " ----- Tacoma Weekly Volcano

Release Party Review

You missed it...

They finally released a CD, and performed in support of it last night.

... and you missed it.

Im probably the first to say that postrock is dead and the average person doesnt even know it exsisted.

If it wasnt dead, I watched it die last night. It was beautiful. Four awkward guys played what I can only say was a perfect performance.
In true form to all of there songs the show followed a slow long climb to a sharp and painful climax.

They took forever to get on stage, the aggitated silence left me irritated. I hate being in Tacoma (sorry boys its true). My impatience became the intro to there set. Then the frenetic moment of melancholic guitar and drones and drums.

I was only startled from the trance when some DJ sat in to play a floor tom part. He was horrible. If you've ever had to suffer me playing drums let it be known that he's worse.
But as they played disregarding his hagard rhythm, it only served to accentuate how good they really are.

Then a wierd seemingly drug addled drone piece as they drummer bought pitchers of beer for the entire bar.

When he reappears behind his kit, W&R ground through there next two songs with a filth that I have not seen from a local band in years. All this Ultimatly climaxing in binge of feedback and distortion. A fever speading through the band, I watched in pure addoration, and all of there gear was destroyed. I do not mean this as metaphore, they literally ripped there insturments apart while playing.

Then it was done.

The stage looked like a American Musical Supply vomited all over it.

Post rock was dead...

...and you missed it.

Waves and Radiation

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Waves and Radiation is the byproduct of four guys, one barn, and multiple problematic and ancient instruments. They evolved out of a bedroom drones project in mid 2006 and have recently won local acclaim, being voted as top Experimental band by the Tacoma Weekly Volcano. Preferring to keep their guitars as wet with effects as their native town of Tacoma is with rain, they write longwinded dark songs mired in moods instead of plot. Their first EP titled "The Endless Struggle With our Ancient Equipment" was self produced, recorded and mastered in the band's practice space and various local bedrooms and was available through their website or for free at their shows. Fortunately for you it is currently out of print. The boys finished recording their first full length at Tacoma's Sound West Recording with Mike Corvin in September. Entitled "Whom the Gods Notice They Destroy" it is scheduled for release on March 28th

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