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House of Rock in Eau Claire this Saturday, can't wait to rock out and see some old friends!

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Wall Of Funk - |wol uv fungk| - n.
A substance made of the emotions, ideas, beliefs, deceptions, corruption, filth, love, beauty, honesty, and the general random elements of life, society, and struggle of mankind. It can be built up and torn down. It is the constant wave of good and evil. It is our existence, what ties everyone and everything together. However, the interpretation is entirely up to you.

Reigning from their stomping grounds of Cambridge, WI, Wall of Funk blends energetic and heavy-hitting tones with melodic hip-hop screaming in creating their signature, cross-genre 'Funk Metal' sound. Comprised of Joe Marsden (Vocals/ Guitar), Lennon Baker (Bass/ Vocals) and Cal Lamore (Drums/ Percussion), Wall of Funk has been playing as a collective band for more than two years; however, each member embarked upon their musical journey during their most poignant, childhood years. Lennon describes, "We've developed a much deeper musical connection between all of us, especially Joe and I, mainly because of growing up playing so much different music together." Over the years the W.O.F. members played in the local school bands (Concert, Wind Ensemble, Jazz, and Pep Band), and contributed their individual musicianship to various other jam groups, rock bands, and duos, enjoying the range of musical experiences they've had together. Also, they are definitely influenced by their favorite industry artists such as Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 311, Incubus, Mudvayne, and Pantera.

Cooperation and collaboration for the funk metal trio's songs has been advantageous, being penned by all members of the band, each track delivers a different layer of their wide variety of innovative sound. Their goals of artistic creativity and combination of an unusual musical vision, has provided them with opportunities to showcase their music in many small, intimate venues. In early 2009 Wall of Funk won the opportunity to be featured on the 105.5 MMM (Madison, WI) Joshua Tree Sessions (a U2 covers compilation album) for their original cover of U2's "Bullet the Blue Sky." They have also been featured on the Pop Sensation Hour on WSUM, the local college radio station in Madison, WI. Recently headlining a slew of their growing concerts, W.O.F., has been getting excellent response from venue owners. "A must see band," raves the owner of The Possum Lodge. "Something the drunken rock lovers really get into!"

Currently Wall of Funk is in the process of mixing and mastering the final material for their first, full-length, studio album, Vital Hiatus, due in early 2010. This time they decided to get help producing their new CD, finding local networking to prevail when they got together with and old friend and Engineer, Leeland Petz, as well as his good friend and Graphic Artist, Travis Mancl. "This CD is our brain child and we intend to have it turn more than just a few heads. I never thought we could make our songs come together the way they have and sound as good as they do, but our hard work is starting to pay off. We've been getting great pre-release feedback, so we can't wait to put out Vital Hiatus for the public!" exclaims enthusiastic front-man Joe Marsden. Wall of Funk aspires to make a living playing live and creating quality music, and records. Ultimately, Joe, Lennon, and Cal hope to inspire the lives of people from around the world, as they continue to create music and venture to maintain a cutting-edge, dare-to-be-different sound.

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