Modern day Renaissance Man, Waldino (Walter Liskiewicz) is a prolific songwriter and composer who regular teams with a variety of artists all over the world to accent his unique brand of soulful, chillout music that rubs up against industrial, minimalist and progressive. Waldino began pursuing his passion for music when he retired early from the field of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. This doctor is now practicing rhythms and grooves and prescribing a wide range of musical ideas and fresh sonic notions with contagious powerful hooks. The only cure is to crank up the volume.

Waldino partners with producer/guitarist Jimmy Shellberg for the Love Gypsies and continues to explore the depths of soul with this ensemble when he's not in the studio creating his solo work or hooking up with the chanteuse of Nu Jazz, Laura Chandler and radio artist, Sandy Shore on their collective project The Allure.

Dark Truth Online

Dark Truth consists of
Walter Liskiewicz lead vocals, lyrics and music
Ian Liskiewicz guitars, bass
Jimmy Shellberg back up vocals
This album was a result of many
life experinces which brought me to this place in time. Enjoy the ride.

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