"This stunning, strong, big, passionate front man erupted like lava into the theatrical stage sharing his soul and artistic expression with this blessed crowd. His presence raised each single hair of my body as I realized that life could be lived at a frequency higher than the one I knew of: this special creature embodied something amazing I had never experienced before. He looked like the most perfect marble, male sculpture of a Greek wise philosopher that all of a sudden started moving like the most talented Rock Star. The depth of his voice and weight of his words communicated to me at extraordinary levels. As his glance would scan through the audience and pass through me, I would shiver like a baby leaf to the first warm spring breeze. That was only the first song..."
- Francesca G.


In 1992, Michael MacDonald finishes his contract with the United States Marine Corp and once again picks up his guitar.
In 1993, Michael moves south to Los Angeles from Vancouver, Washington.
In 1994 he forms the original Rock band Venus Pumping, who frequently perform to sold out venues such as The House of Blues, The Key Club, The Gig, and The Troubadour.
In 1996, Venus Pumping record their first album, "General Freakdom" live at the Mint which sells thousands of Copies over the next four years.
In 1999, Venus Pumping plays it's final concert and Michael begins his solo career.
In 2000, Michael releases his debut album, “Sexy Monster Orchestra” which wins the Los Angeles Music Critiques award for “Album of The Year.”
Later that year, Michael takes a writing sabbatical to Salem, Oregon where he weaves music into love and marries the source of his greatest inspiration, Francesca. Now having returned to Los Angeles, Michael reveals his latest creation, "BluSwan".

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