All fired up after touring the UK and Japan as backing vocalist in Ginger and the Sonic Circus, ViX, former We’ve got a …Fuzzbox… and we’re gonna use it!! über-ViXen has assembled a bostin all-girl band ViX n the Kix (Louise - Samba Central, Sophia - Toy Hearts & Bexx - Superreal) bursting with talent and brimming with sexy burlesque-y yumminess to promote her forthcoming new album Moon On A Stick produced by Neil Darbyshire (The Wildhearts, Julian Marley), Mark Wallis (U2, Razorlight) and exec producer Conny Bloom (of Hanoi Rocks, Electric Boys, Sonic Circus).

The hooks in this album are so strong and the live shows spine-tinglingly thrilling, they’re gonna get ya eventually, so why not just submit to the melody-filled loveliness now?
Go on, do yourself a favour… Get a ViX fix!


V.i.X are a special kind of pop which can't be categorised The only way to truely know who they are is to listen with your own ears, heart wide open.

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