Vince Allen started playing music when he was ten years-old and his Mom bought his first drum set. After spending his early teenage years banging away to a radio in a basement buried deep in Atlanta, Georgia's suburbs, he played in a string of high school punk bands.

Then he played in a string of college dropout punk bands.

Then he stopped playing in bands altogether.

Determined to get out of that basement and re-inspire his desire to play music, Vince moved to New York City and started playing guitar. There he discovered those years of singing over a drum set and blaring radio had paid off. He could hear himself sing and it wasn't all that bad.

Now Vince is playing venues in and around New York City.

Mixing acoustic guitar, pedal steel, and a lounge-lizard rhythm section with rich melodies and insightful lyrics, Vince's sound captures what is beautiful about where he comes from and what stirred him up and moved him away.
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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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