Dark Skies

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dancing-with-the-wind/id731746764 https://www.facebook.com/edvernermusic Sail Wing and String Dark Skies Voice of an Author Renaissance Man Video blogs touching on Lyrics, Logic & Lullabies from Ed Verner. From Ed: Part of the promotion behind the "Dancing With The Wind" film project and score involved a live performance just before film production. By then the music had been somewhat locked down and we were going to be trying to film to suit music, rather than the usual other way around. It made the project much harder, and a lot more fun in many ways for me as a composer. Because I was free to let the music flow from an original frame of mind before filming restrictions came into play. In this performance, I was playing and describing the feelings and emotions at the backbone of "Dark Skies". The coming, enduring, and departure of a summer thunderstorm when underway on a sailboat at sea. You cannot outrun rain on a sailboat... you must trim your sails, face the wind, and plan to get wet. Enjoy, and God Bless, Ed Verner

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