Dancing With The Wind - Captains Log

Sail Wing and String Story Telling Gentle Dancing Wind - Captains Log The Scene: Captains Log - A video excerpt from film "Dancing With The Wind" a musical meditation on the romance of sail. Here is the scene entitled "Captains Log" from the film and updated musical score of "Dancing With The Wind". From Ed: Of all of the pieces in the original "Dancing With The Wind" film project, this one was the most frustrating to me as a composer. Even as a solo piano piece, Ive always enjoyed this part of the music I wrote for sailing. But in comparing what I could generate on the Steinway against what I was hearing and attempting to score in my head I was frequently disappointed. This part of the storyboard and film and this part of the musical tale on the keys was and is supposed to build and gush a bit with joy and remembrance. Yet for years I was unable to create the full effect I wanted. However, now, at last, I got it to where I am fully happy with it. Fortunately, the cuts in this segment of the film (visually) are soft enough on the eyeballs to allow for me to have added a bit to the accompanying song without a sense of stretching. To those who compare the original to thus update, there are practically no changes you can wrap your certainty around, but the emotional effect is MUCH better in my mind. I hope you enjoy. God Bless

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