"Choices" is a song about something we all have in common, namely the ability to choose. Some choices have a great deal of option in them, and some are so basic as that last ability to choose only how emotionally to handle what happens to us, even against our will. The lyric and story in this song is about accepting a Divine duty with gladness and avoiding temptations offered to deviate from the work as yet unfinished. At times it may sound sad, but in the end it isn't sad at all. And at times it may sound as if the singer is being somehow sacrificial, but there is no sacrifice in doing the good and right thing. In the end it is the best reward of all, but before getting to "the end" to know all of that, there are still moments of wonder; moments of doubt in the choosing. And trying to explain it to someone who is party to or subject to the choice at hand can be frustrating to all concerned. That moment of frustration is what, ultimately, this song was trying to capture. Enjoy, and God Bless,

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