Ununoctium is the name of an element in the Periodic Table of Elements, atomic number 118. This song has exactly 118 beats in the song, and the ticking sound throughout may (or may not) account to a Geiger counter. Note, since the writing and recording of this song, the element for atomic number 118 has been renamed. And so this song is not only dedicated to this element, but also to the "holding pattern" state (metaphorically speaking) that occurs in life, nature, the universe, etc. The instruments used in the recording are the following: - several voices of what may (or may not) be a Mini Moog - what may (or may not) be a Geiger counter

Director Rey the Toule Dog
Credits Song written and recorded by Cyclops Cow (BMI). (c) Copyright Cyclops Cow 2016, all rights reserved. Video created by Rey the Toule Dog. (c) Copyright Rey the Toule Dog 2017, all rights reserved. www.cyclopscow.com
Associated Song Ununoctium

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