Ashraf City

Bruce composed, performed and co-produced this music video in collaboration with Iran National Television for international broadcast in 2010. This is a pop version with voice over to educate American audiences. The orchestral version including Bruce's intercultural healing plan (in Farsi subtitles) for the burn victims of the Iranian resistance in Paris appears at the end of part 3 of Bruce's interview on Iran NTV below. Ashraf, Iraq is a refugee community of 3,400 Iranian resistance members at risk of deportation back to Iran, where their lives would be in grave danger. (Since moved to Camp Liberty with continuing human rights violations, then finally provided asylum in Albania in 2016. The primary remaining issue is Bruce's intercultural healing plan to assist the Iranians with their coming revolution. See the above feedback video from Iran NTV.) When the camera man didn't show up in San Francisco, we filmed this on a little Sony digital, lip syncing without sound in the crowds, black blanket on the wall in my home office for the studio shots, then uploaded the clips to Iran NTV in Iraq for editing. Then look at the glowing response from Iran NTV in their feedback video! "Just do it!" ;o)

Director Bruce Anderson
Credits Bruce Anderson, Iran NTV, 2010
Associated Song Ashraf City

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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