"The Crazies" (The Zombie Song)

The ultimate zombie apocalypse party/rally as told from the perspective of the zombies. "The wait is finally over and the soundtrack to YOUR zombie apocalypse kicks off right HERE - WE ARE THE CRAZIES - LET'S GO!!" "THE CRAZIES" (The Zombie Song) is a rallying cry for ALL zombies from the zombie perspective!

Director Jonathan Shahan and Mike Walsh (Rev Hi-Fi Productions)
Credits "THE CRAZIES" full production video credits: BAND: DieTrich Thrall Christopher Nathan Emery Provo Provenzano Cory Ford Justin Hogan CREW: Director: Jonathan Shahan and Mike Walsh (Rev Hi-Fi Productions) Stuffs: Cait Brasel Makeup: Misty Lynn Lawless and Vicki Perez Photography: Jade Coker and April Coker Producer: DieTrich Thrall STUDIO: "THE CRAZIES" written, programmed, arranged, performed, and produced by DieTrich Thrall (MARAZENE). Drums: Angel Bartolotta (DOPE, Team Cybergeist). Additional guitars: Chris Telkes (Nocturne, Razorblade Dolls). Engineered, mixed and mastered by Provo Provenzano (Rikets, Skinlab, Everybody Panic!) & DieTrich Thrall at Pirated Sounds Studios in Oklahoma City, OK.

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