As seen on CNN 9/14 only days after Joe B. of BENin10D write it on 9/11 only to find out after performance that CNN had covered the performance to 10 million viewers. So with no practice, with have only played the song twice since its conception, no warning, here ya go, the CNN version. We wish to use this song to raise money for the military and/or military family groups. In order to do that we need a well known national Country Recording Artist to re arrange and record, in order to donate profits to mutually chosen group. If you know someone that fits this description, please put them in touch with us. Much Thanks !

Director Joe B. Benintende
Credits Lyrics & Music Joe B. Benintende 2001 BMI Segments of America The Beautiful Public Domain Katharine Lee - Lyrics 1803 Music - Sam Ward 1803

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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