Victor Sila sings to express, rather than to please. His music could be compared to that of the artist Maxwell, but Victor Sila imparts more energy in his rhythms...some reminiscent of his Kenyan heritage. Don't miss a chance to jam to his funky music."

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Victor remembers running out to the savanna near his childhood home in Kenya, climbing a rock and singing to the tall, swaying African grasses, pretending they were an imaginary audience. Victor, the first born in a family of five, was an imaginative kid who got hooked on music from the age of five.

Victor's parents were poor and couldn't afford music lessons or instruments. The only way he could learn music was by joining the choir in his village, which had the only piano in the city. Victor entered many local music competitions in Kenya, which he usually won. Growing up in Africa was a gift for Victor where he was exposed to music ranging from tribal music to rock and roll.

Victor’s debut album features songs like "Hakuna Matata (No Worries)" a hot dance tune that mixes Afro-beats and Soul. "Sexual" is a sexy, smooth, "cruisin’ in your car with the top down," kind of song. We feel the pain of love and loss in, " I Hate U/ I Love U" which Victor sings in a seductive falsetto. Victor’s influences include Miriam Makeba, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Sade.

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