Vette hopes to hypnotize, and guide you into your own inner space. Her voice has traveled a buttoned up road of study: classical voice, musical theater, jazz performance, bands and a degree from the Berklee College of Music, to end up here - stronger, stripped down, sincere. Her three EP releases unravel from highly produced pop projects, namely the edgy, sensual, "Vette" and the flirty, strong girl, dance-pop, "15 Minutes;" to the lush, organic, "Wonderlust," co-written and produced with Rob Giles. Revealed through this sonic trajectory is Vette's own unraveling of herself from tough and smart, to vulnerable and sincere.

While not yet released, Vette's new project (and live performance) floats softly up and away but not without taking some earth with it. The songs are alternative yet melodic, lyric driven and craft oriented.

Latest News

Vette was recently interviewed for the "91.1FM: The Avenue" show, "Home Grown Spotlight." Commercially, both Vette and her song, "Making You Feel Like a Woman," were hired to appear in an episode of AOL's reality series "A Supermodel Stole My Husband." Her songs "15 Minutes" and "Take Me Away (with Markaholic) have appeared in CW's, "High Society" and the ABC sitcom, "Switched at Birth".
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