Somebody once quipped, "If the Beatles had come from Atlanta, they would have sounded like Van Gogh." [Sure it's a ridiculously hyperbolic compliment - but it's a darn good one!]"

Hailing from the Southern U.S., and led by brothers Robby & Ricky Heisner, Van Gogh is a band like no other. Although "confined" to wheelchairs, Van Gogh proved that that didn't mean they couldn't soar. With Ricky writing the lyrics, Robby composing the music, and both brothers singing lead and harmony vocals, Van Gogh has put together a body of work that is a striking testament to the triumph of creative passion over industry bigotry. Though no longer able to perfom live, Van Gogh is currently writing a song for an upcoming movie; and hopes to record a new album in the near future. Stay tuned.
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