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Actually it was 2 and a half years ago, January 2005 to be precise, a Xmas school reunion had led to Lead Guitarist James Cannon (JC) and Richard Washington (Wash) discussing music and the fact that JC had been in a band whilst at Uni with a friend of his Neil Smith (Neil). He proceeded to tell Wash that he was back living in the area and was in fact starting a new band. At which point he asked Wash if he wanted to be the singer, Now of course being the shrinking violet that he is... Wash had to mull over the decision and put some thought into whether he wanted to be the centre of attention every weekend, so...

The very next day Wash turned up with a bag of cans to JCs house ready to put his lungs to good use (as appose to merely filling them with tar) having accepted the Invitation to be the bands singer. Upon arrival he was introduced to Neil and JCs lifelong friend and neighbour Matthew Whittaker (Matt). This is the point where urbancircus was born. True we didn't have a name, any songs, or indeed a drummer but we had a dream, a DREAM people!!!

To realise dreams you need a drummer at which point Wash turned to his old friend Christopher Appleton (Apple) who was at the time banging out some old blues rock numbers with his brother in their garage and convinced him over a drink that he wanted to be in their new band. There was again actually no convincing required unlike at the local Catholic Club where the band persuaded the management hat they should have a band smashing away in the big room as a backdrop to their darts & doms, snooker, and committee meetings every week.

Practise began, songs we're played and indeed written and a few months later the band hit the gigging scene and haven't looked back since. Some dreams have been realised with a string of achievements made in such a short time having headlined all of the gigging venues in Manchester before having a high profile support slot at Academy, They have also gigged copiously around the North West: in Liverpool they have headlined the Academy 2 and the Cavern and were recently BBC Merseyside's 'Band of the Month', Before heading down to Worcester to win a BBC Hereford & Worcester Battle of the bands and are currently being touted by Wigan Leisure & Culture Trust as 'The Next Big Thing'. They have also recorded a 4 track demo (which is available for free via their myspace www.myspace.com/urbancircus).

All this makes the circus lads proud however the lads aspire to be professional musicians doing the thing they love to do as their day job is the ultimate goal and one which they are determined to achieve (they will stop at nothing till they have full control of the world!!! *evil laugh* or at least a single in the charts)

Check them out you won't regret it!!!

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