SAM LEE (born Feb 6, 1979 in Hong Kong, now living in Osaka - Japan) is a guitarist & songwriter. Before he comes to Japan, he was played in a local underground band in Hong Kong several years. After that (in 2001), he decided to go to Japan for his career. He started his own label "Uranus Music Factory ( and focus on composing his original music. Until now, he got over 150 original songs with many type of genres, such as, pop, rock, new age, movie soundtrack, game music...etc..
In 2005, he won Honorable Mention in the instrumental category in the 2005 International Songwriting Competition (ISC - with his song "Chaos City", and in the next year (2006), he won the Best Composition of Hong Kong in the Music Aid International Music Awards 2006 ( with his song "Sweet Trip". In 2007, he started to compose song for the local Japanese Companies.

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