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Hello Broadjam: This is SMITTY. I am so very excited of our affiliation with BroadJam . We have posted 3 songs for U to check out our variety of styles within United World Orchestra. We Have a diverse group from around the world, so we have NOT been stuck by the Corporate Machine to produce what is happening or repeated on the Radio. If U are looking for Real Musicians and NOT fix it in the mix singers, Then Check us out. You will NOT be disappointed. Thank You for your love and God Be with You ALL

Hello: We United World Orchestra. We have just released our debut CD through Tune Core and our music is being played worldwide on Jango Radio. I am SMITTY. Founder and Writer, Arranger, Producer, along with My Partner, Phillip Moore. We have founded the Ultimate Group, which comes from 7 countries. I started UWO in 1979 and even though we go through some personnel changes, the Nucleus of the group is intact. U can review our music on ITunes as well as Amazon .com. We have about 45 other worldwide distributors so U really can find us anywhere. No 2 songs on our CD is alike. Since we are an Indie Group, we are given the Luxury to actually create MUSIC, without falling into any one genre. We Play, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Reggae, R&B. But we have our own sound. We are influenced by the WORLD. We are No Lady GAGA, or Black Eyed Peas. We are Real Musicians and we can sing and play. Give us a listen to and YOU let me know what U think. May God Bless U ALL

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