Unite is taking the Seattle music scene by storm with its unique brand of music. The music is hard to classify but most everyone who listens loves it. They are an 8 piece band with a heavy backbone of 2 guitars, bass and drums playing everything from hard edge rock riffs to blues, jazz and latin beats, and a 4 piece horn section consisting of 2 trumpets, sax and trombone adding an element of color not heard before. Unite is very unique in style but also accessible and hooky... hear the power of Unite for yourself.

Unite Bio

The band was formed by Davy Jones Ridout and Chuck "Fishbone" Fischer in January 2006 from a previous project they were in. Some months earlier, prior to the formation of Davy and Chucks previous project, Chuck contacted his long time friend and previous band mate Steve Spitzer and Steve's brother Timothy to see if they would be interested in forming Unite. Things didn't work out at that time. After Davy and Chuck split from their previous situation they contacted the Spitzer brothers again to see if they were interested in Unite. They had a lead guitar player in mind for their first gathering but he was a no show, so the day of first rehearsal Davy called Forrest to see if he would fill in. Forrest was under the impression that it was a gig and shows up "show" ready. We began playing and we all fealt the immediate chemistry not only musically but in personality as well, which for all of us was extreamly important. In the mean time, Chuck had also contacted his long time friend and previous drum and bugle corps mate Dennis to fill out the horn section. Dennis had been playing with a trombone player, Jenny, in another project and asked if she would be interested in Unite. Jenny was playing in the University of Washington jazz ensemble with a saxophone player, Neil, who became interested in the Unite sound and joined after his first sit in. The rest is history.

We are advancing in quality and quantity of music at a rate that none of us had previously experienced.

We look forward to seeing you and yours at our shows and please feel free to introduce yourselves and give us your feedback.

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