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It was by pure freaky chance that Matt Hicks and Matt Rawlins met roughly 3 years ago. So freaky in fact that it still unnerves Matt R. Matt Hicks had spent two years living in Bromsgrove where he attended the local folk club and had been chatting to Mac Rawlins (accomplished singer in his own right) who mentioned that his guitar playing son, Matt, lived in Plymouth. By chance, both Matt's work brought their paths together and Matt H seeing a familiar facial likeness said "Oh I know who you are! I know your Dad". From that point they talked music and guitars and began jamming regularly. Over the last three years they have been meticulously crafting and polishing songs about love, bad love, War, Loss of faith, and being skint. Matt H is the pioneer of proof that men can do more than one thing at a time as he sings, plays guitar/ukulele and harmonica at the same time whilst Matt R doesn't like to confuse the issue and lays down intricate guitar fills and vocal harmonies over Matt H. Matt Hicks has been playing guitar since he was ten. Always frustrated that he would never sound like Eddie Van Halen or Steve Vai, he rebelled towards the acoustic guitar where he developed his own unique style over the years and put words and melodies over his tunes. His influences have ranged from Crowded House and the Smiths to Nick Drake and Tom Waites, all adding to his mix of slow heart renching ballads to near tongue in cheek acoustic pop. Matt Rawlins grew up in a household full of music where family sing alongs were not uncommon and his parents educated him in the world of folk. He has been playing the guitar for years and has flirted with rock, jazz and blues as well as folk bringing a unique sound and influence to the Songs. The mix of the two Matts brings you a set which is always varied and unique with a few surprises that seldom disappoint. Matt H's cover versions of contemporary songs on the uke, often brings a smile of disbelief to the audience. Matt R still can't get his head round the novelty and still maintains that his partner in crime plays the uke purely to make him look bigger! The two Matt's like to think they are some what chirpier than the average acoustic depressives (even if that means playing depressing songs with smiles on their faces) sandwiching their songs between storytelling and uplifting, self deprecating banter but essentially because they love doing what they do and love to do it well.

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