Ultimate Rock Drum Sessions for Pro Tools
Multi tracked drum sessions tracked out in Pro Tools in song form. These 24bit drum sessions were recorded in professional studios through high end mic preamps such as API, DRAWMER, FOCUSRITE, NEVE and TUBE TECH. Sessions are tracked out in grid mode for easy editing."Songs" average 4 minutes in length. The track count is from 8-10 tracks. The package consists of 11 different "songs" Varying in tempos and feel. The sessions also have song markers (verse-chorus-bridge ect..) The 24 bit WAV files are compatible with all DAWS systems Mac + PC. If you don't want to open the Pro Tools sessions just import the wav files into any DAWS program. This is an extremely flexible and rare production tool. The whole package is 4 gigs.Price for package is $200.00 To purchase 1.Visit https://www.paypal.com 2.Choose send money3.Sign up for an account if you dont have one.4. Send your paymentto:ultimatedrums@optonline.net or contact: ultimatedrums@optonline.net
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