Tim is a prolific singer/songwriter, based in mid-town Manhattan. The rock n roll took hold of his soul very early on. He has earned his stripes performing the bar circuit in Hell's Kitchen.

He can write the introspective tune but mostly he likes to look out at the world from his own keen perspective and relay those thoughts and emotions.

Tim's main instruments are his Martin acoustic and his voice. In addition to music and lyrics Tim writes poetry, essays and short stories. A novel is also in the works.

Tim is anxious to showcase his talents on the many varied stages of the world.

Latest News

There will be a new CD this year (2012) Most likely will be called 'Life of a Song.' All new tunes in a setting yet to be determined.

One thing for sure the record will be packed, loaded and jammed with the energy you'd expect!

New Bio

Easton, Pennsylvania: The beginnings of Tim and the writing.There's probably something about a small town that encourages the imagination to expand past those boundaries and stretch as far as possible.

After Easton High School Tim marked off the days on his calendar until the day arrived to head off to college at Mansfield State in Mansfield, Pa. That's where the guitar playing began to take shape along with an early song or two.

A dream came true in February of 1976 when a move to New York City was realized. Having studied theatre and acting at Mansfield, those two pursuits were first on the list in NYC. But it was the music which continually seeped into all his work that eventually won out.

Today Tim is a seasoned guitarist,songwriter, performer, poet and author. A fourth CD is in the works to be released on his Not Fade Away label. A writer for BMI, Tim's songs have been licensed for film and TV. A book of poetry is due out next year and currently he also does Q&A for the online magazine GALO.

Musical influences range from The Beatles, Motown, The Replacements, Sex Pistols, Johnny Cash, Bill Evans, John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong.

Tim can create a special show for your event. Intimate settings, including House Concerts, and Festival stages are all possibilities. Please contact Tim for more info.

THE COST : First Review!!

A Review of Tim Young Band's 'The Cost'
By Liz Singer

Tim Young Band's 'The Cost' is... Every fleeting idea of pain, loss, and confusion come to full circle on each track.

The single "The Cost" tugs right at your heart-strings with fully-charged, emotive lyrics like "Now the night is sawin' at my heart...nobody knows the cost of losing you."

"Outta Town" adds electric guitar and makes you imagine what it would be like to just run away from all your problems as Young lists daily hassles we all deal with, such as traffic, landlords, and stresses from work.

One of the strongest songs, is "Drifting Cowboy." With sliding guitar riffs, the vocals slow down, providing a tune to meditate to, amidst your confusion... Creating an original story on this track, Young tells the tale of a young Hank Williams from Alabama who quit school: "Struggle and rejection filled his cup until he landed on the stage in Nashville." As Young switches to first person with "I'm a drifting cowboy," we have to wonder if Young himself is the drifting cowboy. Either way, the story is nothing short of riveting.

"Just For You" has a nostalgic feel to it, bringing Elvis' generation of country/rock back to the mainstream music scene with awesome strumming guitar and wailing, honest vocals: "If I were the sunshine and you were a diamond, I'd shine every night just for you..."

On "Hangin' In," Young sings the blues, country-style, telling middle class woes of trying to get by, while inspiring listeners to keep their heads up: "It's a long road every day / people slaving their lives away."

"Renegade" fittingly closes the album. Young proves the ability that we all have to completely move on past the painful yesterdays and transform ourselves into powerful individuals that we never thought we could become. Then, truly, the cost of the pain becomes inconsequential; all that matters are the rewards reaped from the incredible growth process that we all are able to enter and emerge from.


CD Review: Tim Young Band

Monday, September 15, 2008
CD Review: Tim Young Band - The Cost

Tim Young Band - The Cost
2008, Not Fade Away Records

The Tim Young Band plays a clean brand of acoustic rock with Americana influences that is perfect for the dinner and early evening set. The Cost is a mellow classic rock album with strong songwriting and tight arrangements. It's not feel good music per se, but you'll feel good listening to it.

Tim Young started out as a solo performer and had the band grow around him beginning in 2002 when he released his debut album No Stranger. Young is an everyman performer who appeals to the working set and the business set equally.. it's a great listen that's family friendly and worth taking the time for.

Highlights include The Cost, Kerouac, Drifting Cowboy and Hanging In. My personal favorite is Remember which has a roots rock feel and recounts an early date at a Nirvana concert.

Tim Young Band's The Cost is a strong effort and a pleasant listen. It's not going to knock your socks off, but it's a steady record you'll find yourself returning to from time to time. Good stuff.

Posted by Wildy.

Rave RED review by Kate Flavin

Greenwich Village is for many a living memorial to the artistic greats; its with an air of reverence that one walks down the street and visits the hideouts that served as home to the crop of horrendously talented youths in the 1960s. One cannot help but be inspired by this atmosphere, and Tim Young is one such man. Born in Pennsylvania, he moved to the Village in the late 1970s, where he says one ?could still feel the cool vibes from when Dylan and company ruled on MacDougal Street.? Further showing his admiration for his idols, he mentions time spent at the Kettle of Fish pub, an old haunt of Bob Dylan and Jack Kerouac before him.

Although he has now moved his gigging focus to Mid-town's renowned Hell's Kitchen, Tim Young's song writing skills clearly benefited from immersion in the Villages musical heritage. His 2002 release, No Stranger, was a well-received instrumental but his real gift seems to be in spinning a yarn or two. And that's what he gets to do on 2005's Red, sixteen songs that dare the listener not to get involved. His voice is one of his strongest assets, commanding yet empathetic as he invites the listener into his world. Of course, it does not hurt that his message is backed by skilled musicianship. Highlights for me include Dreams and the NPR featured The Road.

I won?t lie; at first I was confused that a singer-songwriter was calling himself the Hell's Kitchen Rock n Roll Legend. But I was forgetting one of rock's fundamental elements: honesty. After all, it's all about laying out your heart and soul and Young clearly does this in every song.

It does not matter how hard you bang the drums, if your hearts not in it, the audience will know. In this way, Tim Young truly is a rock n roll star.
---by Kate Flavin---

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